Cull Bros. Contracting LTD

Cull Bros. Contracting Ltd. has served the Creston area since 1974. Although heavily involved with the forest industry we have extensive experience wherever specialized excavator work is required.

Cull Bros. maintains serveral pieces of equipment including Cat 330s, a Cat 325, Hitachi UH123, a Cat 426 carrying a TEI drill and compressor.

We have an Allied 797CS hammer to deal with most rock demolition problems, and are permitted and licensed to handle explosives.

Fully trained and ticketed. B.C. Forest Safe certified. Experience in forestry, gas plants, dyke construction, foreshore work, riverbank work, construction excavation, sand & gravel and rock.

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Cull Bros. Contracting Ltd. has become a failed business in the Creston Valley. It had many good years as a prime contractor for Darkwoods Forestry. Unfortunately Harper's Conservative Government, through it's Natural Areas Conservation Program saw fit to gift, unconditionally (regarding job security for those depending on this land), $125,000,000.00 to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Some of this money was used to purchase our employer, Darkwoods Forestry. While promises were made to those of us who depended on this land for our living, they were not met. As there were no conditions appended to the gift of money (our tax dollars), I feel doubly robbed as the land ownership should have been Federal, probably in the form of another Federal Park. For more visit

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